Awaiting Annie Jones (The Cameron Valley Series)

Annie Jones has a great life.
Doesn’t she?
Not really.
The not-so-great life is confirmed when her fiancés (one of many) indiscretions are splashed across the UK tabloids.
And as if further confirmation was needed, Annie and her four-year-old son have nowhere else to go but home.
Home being Cameron Valley, a small country town in the middle of Australia.
But going home means facing the tragedy that forced her to leave in the first place. Annie worries her tight-knit community would never forgive her if they knew what really happened that night.
Throwing herself back into country life, Annie works as a farm-hand and soon recovers her passion for working on the land. With her son settled and some romantic attention from Pat the charming solicitor as well as Danny the goat farmer, Annie is finally having some fun.
But Annie isn’t the only one returning home, Angus Wakefield is back and is just as good-looking as ever. As memories re-surface, along with feelings that should have long been forgotten, Annie discovers that the key to her happiness lies in unlocking her past.

310 page paperback
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