September Writing Wrap Up

This year I have decided to break my goal setting and review down to months to make my goals easier bite sized pieces. I’m using this as a record for myself to see what I have achieved throughout the year and to keep myself accountable for set goals.

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September was a month of getting back to writing which, once I get going I wonder why I procrastinate on it so much. I am working on a shorter novel titled The Making of Molly Gardner which I’m excited about self-publishing next year. My biggest distraction is researching all the ins and outs of self-publishing and I have to keep pulling myself back to writing the book first. Very much putting the cart before the horse type stuff.

To keep myself writing though, I do have some weeks I call ‘push weeks’ where I will ‘push’ for word count goals, sometimes 2000 words, sometimes 5000 words depending on how much I need. Then I will have other weeks where I don’t so much need the words but I need my bum on the seat sorting out plot holes that have popped up along the way, so I set time goals.

By pushing myself in this way I did manage to finish the first draft one week before school holidays which was my self-imposed deadline. I did this so I could enjoy a ‘rest’ week which I book in once a quarter to give me a chance to lean back into the rest of my life and recharge. I find these rest weeks are imperative to my writing life. If I know there is an earned break coming up I will push harder to achieve my goals by the deadline. This week off before the school holidays also gives me a chance to plan how I will enjoy the time off with my kids while also managing to get a bit of writing in without getting stressed about doing both badly.

What do you do to keep motivated?

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