November Writing Wrap Up

This year I have decided to break my goal setting and review down to months to make my goals easier bite sized pieces. I’m using this as a record for myself to see what I have achieved throughout the year and to keep myself accountable for set goals.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
  • I feel like November has been a bit of a hard slog with not much to show for it. But, saying that, I do have a completed novel, The Making of Molly Gardner. When I say completed I mean all plot decisions have been made and it is polished enough for a beta reader to read it.
  • I did make a list of all the stages it takes me to write a novel so I can track my progress a bit better and record how long each stage takes me. So far I have listed fourteen stages and I think I am at about Stage 5 with The Making of Molly Gardner, so still a ways to go.
  • I entered Awaiting Annie Jones into the RWA Selling Submission and The Emerald Award. Both great competitions that give solid feedback regardless if you win or not. I’m looking forward to getting a response from them.
  • I did up my subscription page. It’s a bit of a temporary measure at the moment until I work out how to make it look pretty but for the moment it does the job. Head on over and feel free to subscribe!
  • I submitted a post on my working day to my hero Nicole Avery at Planning with Kids. I was stoked when she published it on her website.
  • I had a Bernadette Eden Author work show. This was where me and my social club of one member (me) went and saw Last Christmas. I can thoroughly recommend the solitary writer work show. I didn’t realise how much I needed a break from writing and to consume something else. And a work show was the perfect excuse.

What’s Happening in December?

  • There will be two weeks of work left in December before the school holidays start. I will spend the first week, finding beta readers and sending off The Making of Molly Gardner plus tidying up any social media.
  • The second week will be spent reviewing what worked and what didn’t for 2019 and planning for 2020. I love planning and can’t wait!
  • After that I will take a total break and immerse myself in Christmas festivities and relaxation. I think it’s really important as a writer to still book in some leave and recharge as you would a normal job.

What’s happening with you? Have you kicked any goals lately? Let me know!

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