September Writing Wrap Up

Nothing like a monthly writing wrap up to realise the sheer lack of writing being done.

But really, none. When I stretch my mind back there’s been a lot of day dreaming about writing, a few plots have clicked into place which I’m hoping will still be in my brain when it comes time to write them down. They won’t and I will curse myself for not ever jotting them down on even the smallest note.

What Has Been Happening?

  • I wrote one article about the rise of the doofus male on film and in television in the wake of the kickarse female. This was submitted to Mammamia which I now wonder if my article may land a little left of their core values. This article however, took me far too long to write and I felt I had to send it somewhere for it to have been worth my while. So far no news of publication.
  • I scoped out the layout of my website (that’s right – some of these posts may have been a smidge backdated.)

Other Stuff Going on

  • Two of my children have birthdays in September
  • Family illness
  • Holiday in Flinders Ranges, South Australia
  • I turned 40 (okay, it was in August but my celebrations did go on for a while and leaked into September)

And because of this I’m going to let myself off the hook. I feel confident enough that I can have a break from writing and know I will knuckle down again.

My plan for October is:

  • Write several blog posts throughout the school holidays so I’m prepared for a busy period during Nanowrimo
  • Prepare for Nanowrimo
  • Read Bird by Bird by Annie Lamott
  • Enjoy the school holidays

What’s your plan for October?

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