May & June Writing Wrap Up

This year I have decided to break my goal setting and review down to months to make my goals easier bite sized pieces. I’m using this as a record for myself to see what I have achieved throughout the year and to keep myself accountable for set goals.

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May was a month of submissions. I pushed hard to finish Killing Heidi Sinclair for the Banjo Award, writing right up until my submission day. I’m hoping when they say send us your first draft they mean that literally.

I also read an article of a writer (I think it was Mandy Beaumont) who had been shortlisted for the Richell last year and she mentioned it gave her confidence to submit to other publishers and had led to a book deal being signed. And I thought, “Why the hell haven’t I done that?” Not the two book deal, that’s obviously down to her work being picked up but the submitting. Why, when I was longlisted, didn’t I pump Awaiting Annie Jones to as many places as possible?

Short answer is, I didn’t know what I was doing and hindsight is twenty/twenty. But, it’s never too late so May I set about submitting to Affirm Press, Panterra PressEcho Publishing and Madeline Miburn. Probably not a lot in the grand scheme but it’s a start.

Another high for May was I attended my first South Australian Romance Authors (SARA) meeting. The theme of the night was ‘Self-Publishing’ and was brilliant. I came home exhausted from all the information I gained but can’t wait to go again.


I really disliked June. Sorry June. But I had further competitions coming up in July namely The Richell Prize for Emerging Writers and the Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript Award and I had to do further edits on Killing Heidi Sinclair. In a nutshell, this was really boring work but absolutely required.

To break it up though I did do a beta read for someone I have met through a beta read Facebook group. We have swapped a couple of things now and it is great to have someone who I can get feedback from but also to read someone else’s work and feel excited about the prospect of them publishing it.

What’s Happening in July?

July will also suck a bit quite frankly. I will submit my first three chapters to The Richell but then spend time finishing up the edits I made in June for the rest of the book. The dumb thing is I know this book still needs a lot more work, structurally but I’m feeling a bit spent on it.

I also need to do a bit of ‘writing business’ i.e., planning for the second half of the year, catching up on blog posts and updating my website a bit more. Plus I need to work on my social media, it’s not something that comes naturally to me so I need to lock in time to do it.

What’s happening with you? Have you kicked any goals lately? Let me know!

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