May & June What’s Happenin’

Because life still happens outside of writing and goal setting, once a month I will note here what I’ve been up to, just so I can say I have actually lived a life when I look back at the end of the year.

Plus here is where I will shout out any recommendations, let me know if you have any yourself.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

What Am I Doing?

Attending a lot of sport, soccer, footy, basketball.

Caught up with the lovely ladies from my aptly named Chicks Rule group.

I went to The Flying Trunk for a glass of wine and what at the time I declared the best brownie I have ever tasted in my life. This may change but for now it takes out the title.

For the first time ever I attended a school camp as a parent volunteer. I thought I would get through the schooling years without ever having to do this role but well, this year my daughter asked if I could go and how could I say no. It was so good though! We went to Arbury Park for two nights with sixty odd superb kids. The whole camp is based on learning sustainable practices and is super fun. Plus, the food was delicious and I didn’t have to prepare any of it! I hope I can go again next year!

My sister and I made our annual trek to the Women’s Weekly High Tea for the second time. We went last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and declared it would be an annual thing but…. I don’t know… while the company was wonderful the high tea not so much. There were some really inspiring stories come out of it and the fashion show is also wonderful but I’m not sure if next year we might make our own high tea somewhere else.

We did manage to make a full day and night of it though and stayed at Peppers on Waymouth in Adelaide. I have stayed here several times and if you are looking for somewhere that is close walking distance to everything plus with fairly plush (well, I thought so but I can be terribly impressed by small things) surrounds and reasonable prices I would recommend Peppers.

Anyone got anything exciting coming up? Or even something not exciting coming up?

Drop me a line and let me know!

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