Goal Setting With Purpose

The start of a year is a funny thing. I start off loving the bright sparkliness of all the possibilities and then by about mid-January a little voice (a voice I imagine is holding a clipboard) says,

“Okay, so when are we going to put some of these possibilities into action? Will you be running a marathon, playing guitar, meditating, writing a novel, spending more time with friends, being a better parent, reading more books and staying off social media in the first quarter or second quarter? Because that’s a tight fit with the bush walking, regular board game night, riding a bike, learning to speak another language, buying a paddle board, coaching basketball and just generally living an unstressed life.”

Cue overwhelm and sadness when I realise I just can’t do it all. Whoever coined that term ‘Do it all!’ was deluded. I’m pretty sure it was a female with a raised fist yelling, ‘C’mon gals we can do it all!’ and then somewhere along the line she just slunk off for a nap because she was so, so tired.

I digress. I do have a solution to the overwhelm and sadness and it comes from Nicole Avery’s blog Planning with Kids. I blush every time I talk about Nicole Avery on here because I realise I do it a lot but really I find the stuff she writes about so relevant to me it would be a crime not to shout it from the rooftops.

So, every year Nicole does a post on how she goal sets and in particular how to create a single goal for the year. I’ve tinkered with this before but haven’t quite got there. I tend to forget my goal by about April. But it’s 2020 and anything is possible! I have booked in a planning week this week where I intend to put all of the brain farts I have had for what I want to do in 2020 into one concise (achievable) goal.

I would love to hear about any goals you’ve set.

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