Finding my Writing Mojo

What do you do on those days when it’s really not happening? Do you throw in the towel or do you battle on knowing either way that you’ll spend four hours to get about fifteen minutes of work done?

I have a mixed approach. Sometimes the battling on can work and I can have some of my best work days and other days I can find myself knee deep in Youtube videos ranging from how to best organise my kitchen drawers to powerful poems on motherhood that have me weeping at my laptop.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Yesterday was one of those days, I turned my computer on, checked my emails (terrible way to start a working day), made a coffee, checked if there is a Last Tango in Halifax Christmas Special – there is. I cooked some pasta and I ate a piece of chocolate. It was 11am, I had done a lot but none of it actual writing related work.

So, I worked out what I needed for motivation. I’m ashamed to admit it was to watch Married At First Sight encore. (Somewhere along the way I have gotten reeled into this ridiculous show hook, line and sinker, thank god it is finishing next week.)  I made another coffee, sent an email and with all distractions down there was nowhere else to go but workland.

I pulled out my trusty Acer laptop which is tiny and only has Word and Excel on it. I’ve often wondered about upgrading but this little thing has gotten me out of so many writing block jams I’m loathe to part with it. I noted the time, 11.33 and away I went.


I wrote 2039 words in 46 minutes. A record!

The best bit is I found writing at this flat out pace a lot of stuff poured out. I wasn’t thinking too hard I just wanted to get it done (and watch MAFS).

This has been a game changer for me. Now I know that even if life is getting a bit out of control with kids at school, root canals, laser eye surgery, crazy dog behaviour (all happening!) I can get my work done in less than an hour. And when I’m in first draft mode that means getting at least 2000 words on a page a day.

What do you use for writing motivation?

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