August Writing Wrap Up

This year I have decided to break my goal setting and review down to months to make my goals easier bite sized pieces. I’m using this as a record for myself to see what I have achieved throughout the year and to keep myself accountable for set goals.

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August has been a month of submissions. I have put on my big girl trousers and set about systematically sending work to publishers and agents. Turns out this is a lot more work than I expected because:

  1. It’s a lot of research
  2. There are a lot of places to send to and;
  3. Everyone wants something a little bit different.

The upside of this is I now have a number of synopsis all in different word lengths – yay!

I did find doing all this submitting started to get me down though. I don’t know, something about constantly putting yourself out there saying, “Hey! Hey! Look over here! Look at this, it’s fab!” is exhausting. My tip to self for next time will be to stretch it out a bit, maybe have one submissions day and the rest writing.

On writing I did get to return to a story I started in March but had to put aside while I finished ‘Killing Heidi Sinclair.’ It was a total mish mash of words and was saved in documents with handy file names like: ‘Tuesday’ or ‘Shopping Centre’ or ‘Cactus Scene’. I really can’t stand it when I’m this disorganised and did enjoy tidying it all up and getting it into Scrivener. Now, it has a basic plot at least and I have been happily adding to it. I hope to have the first rough draft done by end of September.

Following on from goals of last month. I did email the publisher who said they were a smidge interested in a manuscript and turns out they did remember who I was and I was still in the works but time was getting away from them. Hopefully hear a bit more soon!

What’s happening with you? Have you kicked any goals lately? Let me know!

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