August What’s Happenin’

Because life still happens outside of writing and goal setting, once a month I will note here what I’ve been up to, just so I can say I have actually lived a life when I look back at the end of the year.

Plus here is where I will shout out any recommendations, let me know if you have any yourself.

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What Have I Been Doing?

I attended, the talented and super handsome artist, Tim Eden’s SALA (South Australian Living Artists) opening. Was so proud of Tim to get this exhibition finished and hanging for all to see.

I wrote reviews. Yup, I have mentioned before that social media doesn’t come naturally to me but I do like to tell people when I like something and thank them for it. My mum was a big one on thank you cards and to me this is the modern day review. In this crazy world of algorithms and SEO and Insta pics and posts and podcasts where we’re all yelling at each other to be heard the biggest currency is to just say thanks. Not just in a Facebook share or a like but an actual take the time, I liked this because, review. So far, I’ve commented on two podcasts and I plan on doing more on Goodreads. So, go on, join me and write a review!

Poked my head into Summertown Studio. A new venture by the creative people behind The Porch Sessions. They have co-working spaces there available for long term rental or even just a day for $15. With very pleasant surrounds and DeGroot coffee out the front what more could you need.

I changed two habits! Two small habits but two things that were driving me crazy nonetheless. One was to get my five-year-old to put his shoes on in the morning for 33 days in a row. The other was to teach my dog to come to me when I say, well… Come to me. I don’t know why 33 days, I got it from Nicole Avery at Planning with Kids and I do not question the logic of Nicole Avery, I only do what she says and hope  a little bit of her awesomeness will rub off on me. In this case it has, because I now have a child who takes responsibility for his shoes and I have a dog who comes to me….sometimes….when he’s in the mood….and I have a treat in my pocket.

I stayed at home and sulked about not going to the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference. I realised too late that this was something I would really benefit from. But I’m moving forward planning to be in Fremantle in August 2020 for the next one.

Caught up with my lovely ladies from Chicks Rule.

We had an early rise to get from the Adelaide Hills to the Barossa Valley so I could run a 10km run in the Barossa Marathon Festival with my sister and a friend. So hard but so worth it. Lunch afterwards at another friend’s house made the early rise and run all worth it though.

Anyone got anything exciting coming up? Or even something not exciting coming up?

Drop me a line and let me know!

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words and congrats on your getting your 5 year old to put his shoes on and your 10km at the Barossa Marathon Festival, I hear it is a great event.

    1. Oh my goodness Nicole Avery! Thanks so much for commenting!

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