August – Reading, Watching, Listening

Reading books, watching TV and listening to podcasts to me is all part of the job of being a writer. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m hooked on a series and will do anything to binge watch it.

And word of mouth and reviews is the best way to spread the love of book, tv, podcast consumption. So, this is me, spreading the love.

What Am I Reading?

I wait (not very) patiently each year for Catherine Alliott to produce another book and she did not disappoint this year with A Cornish Summer. I think it’s a good sign of a book when you gasp “Oh. My. God!” while reading it and send family members skittering to you with cries of, “What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?!”  Catherine Alliott’s books are romantic and hilarious but I love that her characters are always grappling with heavier themes and there are plenty of twists in this one. Just have to wait another twelve months now.

What Am I Watching?

Stranger Things. Why? Is all I can say. Why has it taken me so long to stumble across this? With the storyline that is just this side of scary, the 80’s set, even the graininess of the film it is a delight to watch. It comes with an addiction warning however and I don’t know what I will do when it’s over.

What Am I Listening To?

Trent Dalton on Conversations with Richard Ffiedler. Richard, Richard, Richard you have really excelled yourself in this one. I mean, it was probably an easy interview as Trent Dalton (who has written the several award winning novel, Boy Swallows Universe) clearly loves a yarn but I loved hearing about Trent’s childhood and his road to publication and it was Richard that facilitated it. So, thanks Rich. I find it fascinating hearing from people who have had pretty ordinary childhoods but they can only see the world with blue skies. And from the sound of things Trent Dalton had a very interesting childhood but speaks with such love about his family it was really quite inspiring. Made me want to ring a family member and tell them I love them. I didn’t, but I will next time I think of it…..

Morning Motivation playlist on Spotify. The character I’m writing at the moment can only be described as ‘chirpy’ and this playlist keeps me in the zone. My personal favourite is a bit of Hall and Oates action. When you are looking to procrastinate then check out this ol classic music video. You won’t be disappointed.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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